Discover Opportunity Roadshow

Education: Discovery Opportunity Roadshow
Thursday June 10, 2021
2:00 PM EST


As more students return to their physical classrooms, your education customers must continue to adapt. They face a new reality—one that depends upon, more than ever, technologies that create safe, healthy environments in which students, their families, and their teachers can learn and connect, regardless of the circumstances. To succeed in this evolving landscape, school systems must have resources in place to keep creating and improving remote, hybrid, and in-person-learning programs. Now, they have help. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) is supporting their efforts by providing $170.3B in funding to education. The numerous changes happening in education mean new opportunities for you.  Switching between remote, hybrid, and in-person learning means school systems of all kinds need solutions—and they need them now. That’s why we’re bringing ScanSource’s top suppliers together to help you create them.

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2:15 PM  Featured Presentation

Cisco: Reimagine Education - Enable Learning for Every Environment
Description: Education is changing. From rapid shifts to distance and hybrid learning to a transforming job market and skills landscape. From new models of teaching and student engagement to the evolving role of the campus and classroom. From barriers to access and a growing digital divide to resource constraints, financing challenges, and mounting security threats - today is a time of unparalleled digital transformation. That’s where Cisco comes in - the bridge to possible.

2:30 PM Breakout #1 - (choose one)

Avaya: Agile Campus Security
The pandemic has highlighted to higher education institutions the importance of real-time communications with all stakeholders i.e. Professors, students, advisors, facilities, public safety and learning management systems. The leading institutions are looking at how they can layer-in these robust communication services to remain relevant, competitive, compliant and agile by providing actionable real-time information to stakeholders.


Exacq: Unify campus security with an open platform
When it comes to campus security, personnel are often tasked with becoming expert users of a variety of systems. Unified security platforms help schools streamline efforts, improve situational awareness and drive response times when every second counts. In this 10-minute breakout session, we’ll discuss how a VMS with an open platform can seamlessly integrate with third party technologies to form a comprehensive solution that can be centrally managed. Don’t miss this peer-lead discussion where we’ll cover important integrations schools can leverage such as:

• Gunshot detection
• Vape detection
• Incident reporting

2:45 PM  Breakout #2 (choose one)

Axis: 1 + 1 =… 3? Creating smarter, safer learning environments that maximize student success
From on-going concerns of campus security and student safety to the newer concerns of remote learning and social distancing, technology can no longer serve a single purpose. Educators need to make investments that focus on student success while improving their facilities in other ways. Join Matt Duncan of Axis Communications for a live Q&A with Bruce Canal, former Director of Physical Security for the 8th largest school district in the United States, Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) in Orlando, FL. Currently the Axis education guru, Mr. Canal will dig into the latest trends in education following a year of uncertainty with a focus on what’s to come in the months ahead. See how smart technology can help educators maximize their investment today while preparing for their changing needs tomorrow.


Poly: Poly Grant Assistance Program
Poly is pleased to offer a wide array of free grant services. The PGAP team connects you to resources specifically to meet the needs of your organization. Our network of experts are here to help you through the grant process—from grant identification and application to post-award administrative support.

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