Discover Opportunity Roadshow

Healthcare: Discovery Opportunity Roadshow
Thursday April 22, 2021
2:00 PM EST


How we “consume” healthcare drastically changed during 2020. Because of the pandemic, patients now want more say about their medical decisions. Healthcare providers need new solutions to help facilitate that discussion—and other important tasks. Join us and our valued partners Cisco, Zebra, Axis, Epson, Jabra, Mitel, Hanwha, Poly and Star to discuss their specific healthcare solutions and the products used to build them at our Healthcare Discover Opportunity Road Show. 

And, following the event receive a free healthcare wellness kit from our premiere suppliers, delivered directly to your door!


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Cisco: Pushing the Boundaries of Healthcare with Cisco
When healthcare organizations harness the power of technology, they can expand access to and deliver data-driven care, transform facilities, maintain clinical and business continuity, address security, privacy and compliance, and create experiences that lead to improved health outcomes. And all along the way, new solutions help save time and money. With 20 years of experience working with providers, payers, device manufacturers, medical research facilities, and pharmaceutical companies, our leadership is unmatched around the world. We make innovation possible at more than 17,000 healthcare organizations in 118 countries. Every day, Cisco pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare.


Poly: Deliver authentic human connections patients need with Poly
Healthcare is far more than patients visiting doctors’ offices. A patient’s location doesn’t always align with a provider’s, yet the need for high quality care does not diminish with distance. Clinicians need to consult with one another to provide the best patient care without travel—immediate decisions need to be made, as health situations arise. We believe in the tremendous power of human connection and collaboration to lift people’s health. Poly solutions support more than 50,000 patient encounters per month worldwide—saving, time, money and, most importantly, lives. From telemedicine to staff communication and from CME to day-to-day business, Poly is uniquely positioned to deliver the highest quality, end-to-end communications experiences.


Zebra: Clinical Mobility with Zebra
Hear from Rikki Jennings, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (CNIO) at Zebra, about true clinical mobility and how Zebra can help healthcare staff instantly connect with the people, information, and applications they need with purpose-built devices built for point of care.

2:35 PM Breakout #2 - (choose one)

Axis: The Clinical Approach to Safer, Smarter Healthcare Facilities
Patients and staff are at the heart of every healthcare facility. But the challenges of the past year amid the pandemic have forced facilities to stretch available resources and budgets even further than expected. Healthcare providers need to make investments that keep patients and staff at the forefront while also serving their business in other ways. Hear from industry expert, Paul Baratta of Axis Communications, as he discusses the latest trends in the healthcare industry and how those trends are driving the need for smarter technology. Learn how you can guide the transition from traditional concerns of security as a standalone, reactive solution and how to start offering a more clinical approach to network technologies that improve patient care, safety, and facility operations.


Jabra: Improve Remote Healthcare with Jabra Audio and Video Collaboration Tools
Healthcare is moving increasingly online, and the medical sector is facing an unprecedented demand to adapt. The need for outstanding technology solutions that keep patients and healthcare practitioners connected has never been greater. As your customers navigate bringing healthcare online, technology has a key role to play in ensuring your provision of these vital services is of a consistently high standard. The right devices help to ensure your practitioners are always connected, both to their patients and to each other. With 90% of people believing that remote healthcare is as good or better than traditional services, there’s never been a better time to ensure that the technology you’re using to deliver remote healthcare is the best that it can possibly be. And that’s exactly where Jabra comes in.


Star: Solutions for Healthcare & Safety
Speed and accuracy are of utmost importance in the medical field. A provider of high quality, dependable printing hardware, Star Micronics is proud to offer prescription printing and patient and visitor check-in solutions for pharmacies, hospitals, medical offices, and urgent care centers. Star is also offering additional products to bring health and safety to any industry.

2:50 PM  Breakout #3 (choose one)

Mitel: Mitel Meets the Demand for Patient-Centric Healthcare
Learn more about the digital transformation in the healthcare ecosystem to focus on improved patient care. Leverage Mitel solutions to give healthcare companies a full omni channel solution that addresses rising costs, and builds a truly differentiated experience


Epson: Reduce Errors and Costs with Epson On-Demand Color Labeling
Healthcare labeling is demanding and needs to be error-free. Labels must be readable, both barcodes, and text. Color Warnings are important for use with medications in anesthesia and prescription uses. See how Epson is changing how care givers can print durable labels that won’t smudge, with color and symbology and warnings, all combined to create labels for healthcare. Caregivers do not have to remember which color warning labels should be used. Print color labels that wont smudge, for today’s mission critical healthcare requirements. Printers include ZPL print language, a very common print data in today’s Health Information Systems. Desktop color label printers designed for demanding Healthcare workflows!


Hanwha: Intelligent Video for Security and Clinical Applications in Healthcare
Hanwha video solutions can be used to solve specific and general healthcare challenges for security and clinical applications.  From multi-sensor cameras in lobbies to elevated body temperature and mask detection at entrances to remote patient video & audio observation for patient fall reduction, Hanwha has intelligent video solutions to fit any healthcare application.

3:00 PM Closing Remarks